Stacks are a basket of cryptocurrencies given a weighting based on an investing strategy. Having this system in place users are able to purchase into a balanced portfolio and rebalance as needed to keep the asset ratios as prices fluctuate.

The assets within each stack is curated and given a weighting based on an investment strategy. The calculation for the weight each asset should contain runs all the time and updates in real time. For example, when following the marketcap strategy one asset may increase its marketcap to a higher position in relation to the others. This will automatically cause the stack to recalculate and assign a new weight to stay balanced.

The current list of stacks to choose from include:

  1. DeFi

  2. ETH Network

  3. Layer One

  4. Satoshi

  5. Total Crypto

  6. Yield Farming

Within each stack there are also a number of customizable settings to help you manage each stack. These items include:

  • Strategy

    Toggle between - active users, transactions & marketcap.

  • Repeating deposit

    Enable daily, weekly, monthly or none.

  • Rebalance

    A mechanism that keeps each asset in your portfolio at the correct weight based on your chosen strategy. Set a tolerance between 5 to 25 percent for automatic rebalancing.

  • USD Allocation

    Adjusting this setting will set aside funds when things are going up and purchase more assets when the markets are down. Ranging from 0% to 20%.

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