Sync Your Exchange

Track your exchange account in real time with Hedgehog

Two sync options for your exchange:

API Connection

Exchanges that provide API tools to their users are able to sync directly to your Hedgehog portfolio and update in real time. APIs provide options for the amount of interaction you would like. At a minimum for balances to show properly all of the 'read' options need to be enabled. If you would like to enable trading then the additional options need to be enabled. The steps get this started include:

  1. Add your exchange to the Hedgehog Wallets page.

  2. Choose 'Connect' on the exchange options.

  3. Login to your exchange account and find the API menu located in Account, Settings, or Security.

  4. Create a new API connection.

  5. Copy paste your API and Secret Key.

  6. Hit connect.


Exchanges that offer OAuth authentication allow users to login and sync their exchange using their exchange credentials. The steps for setting up this connection include:

  1. Add your exchange to the Wallets page.

  2. Click connect and choose Login with 'Exchange'.

  3. Enter your login credentials and complete security checks.

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